Communication is the only way for people to gather information from others.  A lack of communication or misunderstanding of things that may be said can lead a relationship down a rocky path of disaster. The best way to communicate clearly and effectively is to let go of fear of judgment.

Everyone has a different way of communicating things to people, but the form of communication that all of us understand is body language. There are certain things that can be observed about a person by how they stand, how they position their hands, the movement of their eyes, etc.  Men aren’t always open to communicating how they feel with a full disclosure and some women have a difficult time expressing how they feel as well, so paying attention to body language during conversation is important.

Establish an open line of communication by making the time to do so and talking to each other instead of at each other.  With open communication established, trust can begin to build and add the second pillar to the foundation of a relationship.


In order to get close to someone, you have to establish a level of trust.  Without trust, certain animosities can build that will create a tense relationship and eventually lead to a break up.  When trust is in the picture, both people can depend on the other with their safety and well being, which includes caring for one’s heart and emotions.  Trust is built by being open in communication and by practicing honesty, which is another pillar of a healthy relationship.


Being up front and fully disclosing to your partner is one of the signs of secured trust and real love. Holding back secrets makes a person seem shifty and untrustworthy, which are never good qualities for one to have in any relationship, but this can be combated by each person communicating openly, trusting the word of his/her partner and committing to always remain honest even when it may hurt. Being honest doesn’t mean being brutal, however.  There is a way to say everything, so the tone of things said in honesty should be taken into consideration.


When two different people come together in a relationship, the flow of things can get a bit sticky.  He may keep the cap off of his toothpaste in the bathroom while she may prefer the cap be put on.  Things as simple as this could cause small riffs or arguments that could lead to frustration, and it’s in moments of opposing opinions where a couple has to compromise.

Compromise is a strong pillar of a healthy relationship because it is one of the most difficult ones for people to uphold.  Everyone wants things to happen their way because at our core we are all very self-motivated and self-centered, but when one decides to be in a relationship with another there will have to be some compromises and life changes made.  This doesn’t mean a person has to change themselves completely or give up their likes or way of doing things.  Compromise simply means to meet in the middle, agreeing to handle things in a way that satisfies both people.

When these four pillars are strong and secure, a foundation for a successful and healthy relationship will make it one built for longevity.

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