4 Ways To Help You Succeed as a Solopreneur


By Sarah Bull


Google the term “solopreneur” and you’ll get a definition that says these entrepreneurs run businesses all on their own. If you’re a solopreneur with an eye on success, however, you should know that you don’t have to do it all or figure it out on your own.

In fact, there are some projects you shouldn’t attempt to DIY if you want your startup to succeed, or if you simply don’t want to feel overwhelmed. You can use freelancers and tech tools to enhance your business, just check out these simple-yet-smart strategies.

Keep Tabs on Business Finances

You know you need precise financial records to keep your business on top, but the thought of keeping up with it on your own can be a real headache. That is, unless you look into accounting software for consultants and other comprehensive financial tools. These programs will let you pull accurate financial reports in an instant, access helpful profit forecasts for projects, take a peek at essential statements, and finally, harness vital tech that will streamline your workflow. In addition to accounting software, you should also consider keeping an actual accountant on call.

Develop Targeted Marketing Strategies

In the intro, we mentioned enlisting help with your digital marketing efforts from a proven agency like Webterior Designs. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into this subject because getting your digital marketing right is extremely important in today’s market. Whether it’s SEO optimization or a website, these tiny elements can make or break any business.

For new entrepreneurs, digital marketing is especially key for building an initial clientele and then building meaningful connections with an audience. It can be tricky to create the right online presence when you’ve never done it before, and this is why hiring help is highly recommended. There are also web tools available to facilitate this relationship and help with online tasks.

Manage Several Social Media Platforms

Social media is an essential part of any digital marketing plan, and yet managing this single aspect can be a lot for one person to handle. This is particularly true when you are also working single-handedly on building a business and all of the tasks that come with doing so. Since social media is so important, many solopreneurs use apps and tools to manage multiple platforms.

If apps just won’t cut it and you have room in your budget, you could also look into hiring consultants to specifically help you manage social media. Before you begin interviewing candidates, put some thought into your goals and current limitations keeping you from them.

 Create Compelling and Meaningful Content

Maybe you’ve decided to hire consultants to help with your website and social media, but you also need content. Content is what allows businesses and entrepreneurs to influence their audience, which can lead this audience to invest in the goods/services being offered. Nowadays, digital content is one of the most important aspects of marketing.

You can use online guides and resources to come up with content; however, it can take more than passion or even a knack for writing to do so effectively. This is why so many businesses rely on freelance writers to fill their websites with content that is sure to impress their target audience, position their business as an authority and still meet SEO standards.

Sometimes you may find yourself working by yourself at home or the office. However, sometimes you may decide to relax in public and work during lunch or on a coffee break. To maximize both productivity and relaxation, invest in new headphones to allow you to work in peace even in a public space.

Putting tools to work doesn’t make you any less of a solopreneur, and neither does hiring consultants or freelancers to help you with specific needs. In fact, recognizing that you can’t do it all alone makes you one smart solopreneur and could help make your startup a success!


Sarah Bull runs the blog Economy Mom, which helps women to start their own businesses. She writes frequently about a wide range of topics on entrepreneurship and small business. Her first contribution to Black Women’s Voices was 6 Rules for Women Entering the Workforce.


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