A Important Notice About Sanctuary Church and the Coronavirus

The guidance we are receiving and discerning is that we need to take some fairly drastic measures to help slow the potential spread of the virus. We cannot be too cautious right now, especially for those who are in higher-risk populations within our community. What follows in this lengthy email is our plan of action for the next couple of weeks. In an abundance of caution, and to avoid the necessity of acting week to week or even day-to-day, 

here’s our plan:

• The Sanctuary Church is canceling all Sunday services and related Sunday activities for the next 2 weeks (3/21 & 3/28)•

We will reconvene for service on 4/4 unless circumstances warrant a longer duration of cancellation. A determination will be made the week of 3/29

“As these are unusual times, we know that many do want to turn their attention to God and often look for comfort in the church. First, we must remember that the New Testament teaches us that the church is not a building. We, you and I, are temples of the Holy Spirit and our presence in other people’s lives represents Jesus as the church. So, be the church, wherever you are, because the people of God are the church. However, because some still associate the church with a place, I will plan to be available via phone, FaceTime Live for prayer, encouragement, and conversation for anyone who desires it on 3/22 @4pm.”

• We urge everyone in our church family to exercise an abundance of caution, adhere to hygienic guidelines, listen to state and local officials and abide by all warnings, laws, and expectations. Foremost in all of this is to abide by the warnings for avoiding public settings if you are ill/feverish in any way.

• We encourage all members to reach out to the most vulnerable and make sure they know of our plan, and also to offer assistance, encouragement, and prayer. Make sure they have enough food, supplies, medications, and general support. 

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