A Public Letter to Mayor Lovely Warren and the City of Rochester, New York | From the Desk of Tunya Griffin

The City of Rochester mayoral race and other area Democratic primaries were decided on Tuesday night, with incumbent Mayor Lovely Warren falling to City Councilmember Malik Evans. Evans and he winners are heavily favored to go on and win the general election in November.

Surrounded by supporters and family, Mayor Warren graciously conceded defeat while offering thanks for support, noting that she believes God has a “bigger plan” for her.


A Message to Mayor Warren

As the role of our amazing Mayor Lovely Warren winds down, in the two terms that you have served our city, it has always been clear to me that

• You love this city

• You have taken your role seriously (but laughed often)

• You have sacrificed a lot in service of this community

• You do what you believe is right

• You have protected this city and made it better

We all only get so many days, hours and years in this life, and that you have given so many of yours in service of this city is remarkable and inspiring. 

I would like to personally thank you, Mayor Warren, for the kindness that you have extended to my family, and the citizens of Rochester. We are grateful for your leadership and I am confident that the best is yet to come.

With regard to the future of Rochester, I encourage all of us to put the campaign behind us and show how our great city is unlike any other. We must show the country and the world that this place of over 200,000 people can actually get along, make hard choices and embrace our new leader, Malik Evans. More than once, we have proven that we share many common values, and that we can come together for the common good.

Let Rochester, N.Y., be the city that sets the standard for collaboration, partnerships, cooperation, democracy. And let’s make the best decisions to help move us forward.

Again, thank you for everything you have done!


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