Women, Abuse and The Bible | An Interview with Florine Thomas and an Intro to Be Brave Conversations with Dr. Tunya Griffin

It’s not only black women in the secular world who deal with cheating and abuse. Even in what should be the sacred space of the Church, infidelity and deception are all too common.


Dr. Tunya Griffin recently interviewed Florine Thomas, who discussed: Women, Abuse, and The Bible


Check it out in the below audio.



What really stood out during the interview was Florine saying that when her divorce was finalized from her abusive husband, the church continued supporting him by allowing him to preach and sit in the pulpit of the church, while she was instructed to sit in the back with the congregants.


It doesn’t get any worse that going behind your loyal, accomplished life partner’s back to build another life with some side chick your wife’s connections, resource, and money.


Well, lookie lookie…let’s hope the following story will help him out!


Mechelle McCain, the ex-wife of Mike Epps, said the comedian and actor was still married to her and sleeping with her while dating his new wife, Kyra Epps.


Mechelle conducted her tea-spilling session during an appearance on the “Girlfriends and Champagne” show, saying:


“You’re trolling with women on Twitter and all of that…and I made a comment on that. So, now you’re on a blog with your new wife. Y’all walking in New York. You’re still married to me…and still having sex with me. Then, all of a sudden now…you’re filing for divorce. You were still having sex with me after that. Okay. So, now I’m thinking at some point it clicked not too long after the filing I’m like, ‘Okay, so this person is in a place they feel like they wanna do what they wanna do. They filed for divorce.’ Why would I fight for something when you’re not being right towards me in your actions.”


Below, Dr. Griffin talks about Project #BeBrave, a call for revolutionary change for women to take control of their lives and chart their own destiny:



In 1973 at the tender age of 8, Florine came to visit and join Faith Deliverance Church under the Pastoral of Sara Donaldson-McNairy. In 1979 she accepted Christ as her Lord and personal Savior. She was a member there until 1986 when she relocated to Killeen, TX where she served under the Pastoral of Bishop Darryl Shaw of Rivers of Living Water Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ.Florine has always had a desire to serve in the church in any capacity and at any level needed. By the time she was 16yrs old she was teaching various Sunday school classes, ushering, singing in the choir, and volunteering at the church daycare.

In 1995 Florine served as Co-Founder and Co-Pastor of City of Judah Fellowship Church for 17yrs where she employed her gifts and talents as Sr. Church Administrator, director of women’s ministries, youth director, praise and worship leader as well as, Sunday school director and teacher. She then moved on to further her education and other vision inspired dreams and goals.

In 2000 Florine was inspired by the Holy Spirit to bring to knowledge, the real beauty of a woman. The real beauty of a woman is not what is fashioned on the outer man, but that which she allows the Lord to develop on the inside of her very being. The real beauty of a woman is in knowing who she is, whose she is and why she is. God had woman in mind from the very beginning fore he said in Gen 1:26 “let us make man in Our image…and let them rule… “The Beauty Within Ministries” teaches women the importance of developing, building and perfecting the totality of the gift called “Woman”.

Florine returned to complete her education in 2016 and would receive her Associates degree in Human Serves and in 2021 receive her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work. She currently serves as the Senior Intercessor for a local group of prayer warriors in the city of Rochester, serves as the Director of Women’s Ministry at New Horizon Ministries, Administrator for a local support group called Believe I’ll Testify, Volunteers as a Compassion Care Manager at Restoration Rochester as well as gifts her time to other organizations as needed.

Florine is married to Sylvester Thomas Jr. They are the parents of 5 adult children and 2 grandchildren. In 2018 they became foster parents and are loving the journey they are on.

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