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Take The Journey: We Are Visiting The House of Job – Toxic Positivity (Part 1) 

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Notes: Among them is the Adversary (“the Saran”: not to be treated as a proper name), the prosecutor who spies on men’s wrongdoing and reports it to his master (ef. Zech 3:1) He is not yer the “devil” of later Jewish and Christian cheology; to identity him as kuch distorts the understanding or die book. Stll, he is an umpleasant figure, and his cynical attitude toward

the Satan skeptically interprets Job’s virtue as mere self-interest. 

This penetrating question is one of che fundamental chemes of the book. Hebr hinnam, “for nothing; means gratis, without looking to payment or reward therefore, out of love. Does Job serve God thus? And we might ask, does any man? Can he? And should he? The Adversary does not think so and neither do Job’s three friends. Yahweh accepts the challenge and permits the test to be made.

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