Beyonce at Super Bowl 50: The Master Teacher

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Most of the world were sitting on the edge of their seats anticipating to see what Beyoncé would do for her halftime performance at Super Bowl 50.

As the clock started winding down getting closer to the half-time performance, some of us in my household moved from the edge of our seats to stand in front of the TV, assumed the Beyoncé dance position in hopes that we could mimic her dance moves.
But this performance was much different than all the rest, we couldn’t dance along, because Beyoncé changed the game on us! This was not The Drukin in Love video, Love on Top, nor Serve you up dance move videos/performance, but rather this performance at The Super Bowl made us all sit our butts down, grab our notepads to take notes, because we were about to be schooled by the “Master Teacher.”
During and at the end of her performance, notepads and pens were down because the “Master Teacher” had just delivered to us one of the greatest lessons that we would ever learn.
In my household, we, the students who had just RECEIVED our lessons were screaming, “She did that!” As we pumped out fist with great pride. Stroking our Melanin, patting our hair, and smiling ear to ear while thinking “I’m BLACK and I’m PROUD!”
If anyone was waiting for The “Queen Bee” to evolve in her music/artistry, well she certainly did at the Super Bowl. But how many of us know any time a “Master Teacher” schools her students not everyone is happy about it. In fact, there will always be students who will challenge the “Master Teacher.”
Ask me how I know?
As a teacher, I’m use to various criticisms and challenges from the students. In fact, I expect it! But when it occurs I know my students are somewhat upset because they are being stretched to think in a way that they are not used to thinking. (What an uncomfortable position to be in)
Fox News backlash started early Monday Morning on Fox & Friends who went in on her stating that they “viewed as inappropriate thematic material for the most-watched television event of the year.” But we know, This is not the first time Fox has laid it on Beyoncé.
Former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani also expressed his outrage at Beyoncés Super Bowl performance calling her half-time show an “attack” on police.
And even many bloggers, “Tried it!”
It was real out here in these Social Media streets!
But, Let’s face it, this is not the first time that Musicians/Entertainers have used to send a political message so really why is it that many people have their “panties in a bunch!?!?”
Beyoncé delivered something much different than what most people were use to seeing. Her “riveting, politically charge performance was a culmination of great Marketing and a steadily SOCIAL conscious persona.”
Beyoncé paid homage to “Black Panthers” with their Afros and Berets.
Justice for Mario Woods: A 26 year old young African American man that was shot and killed by San Francisco police officers
X Formation celebrating Malcolm X (LIBERATION movement)
Michael Jackson for his choreography and artistry
For The People by announcing her “Formation” World Tour, proceeds will go towards those affected by Flint Michigan Water Crisis, Jay Z and Beyoncé donation of 1.5 million dollars to Black Lives Matter Movement
Well, if some students are mad now, tell em Stay tuned for what Beyoncé will do NEXT! School is NOW in Session!!
“The ultimate measure of a man [woman] is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he [She] stands at times of CHALLENGE and CONTROVERSY” Dr. MLK

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