Black Hair: Protective Hairstyles for Summer Flyness

Braid protective style

Styling natural hair can be both FAB and DRAB! When it comes to the dog days of summer, some even argue it’s impossible to find a style that protects, holds and looks flawless – all at once – not to mention reduces breakage!

Fortunately for naturalistas, the sudden upswing in acceptance of our kinky, curly, coily coifs has birthed a long line of versatile protective styles, sure to get you through the hottest period of the year! Here’s everything you need to know about our top picks!

African American girls with braids protective hairstyles

Box braids – Looking to channel your inner Jada Pinkett Smith circa “Set It Off?” Maybe a little Janet Jackson a la “Poetic Justice?” This universal style is all you need to pull off an epic 90’s inspired look. Not to mention, celebrities like Zoe Kravitz, Beyoncé, and Tia Mowry have co-signed the low maintenance ‘do.

Senegalese twists – Arguably the most popular protective style, these twists are simple to install and last for at least 2-4 months. To ensure longevity, be sure to oil your hair several days a week, wrap your hair each night with a silk head wrap and refrain from putting your twists in tight buns and ponytails, as it may cause unnecessary stress on your scalp.

Faux locsFaux locs have remained a major trend since popping up on our radar last summer. This style, created by winding extensions around sections of your natural hair, gives the illusion of real locs. Keep in mind the added weight of this style if you’re fairly active. When done correctly, these locs can last you a couple months.

Braided buns – Searching for an effortless, versatile updo? Upgrade your topknot with a braided bun. Unlike box braids or faux locs, you won’t spend 6-8 hours chair bound. The best part? This style will keep your forehead cool and sticky curl-free!

Flat twists – Believe or not, flat twists can be styled in an intricate way, so you’re not stuck in the crib waiting for them to dry hours on end – simply untwist (once dry) for adorable, bouncy curls.

Cornrows – This classic style can be worn using only your natural hair or with the help of extensions. Get them braided straight-back or slanted at an angle for an edgy look. When cared for properly, this style can last your up to ten weeks.

Of course, to ensure your hairstyle doesn’t end up looking scraggly, you’ll want to ask your stylist (or home girl) what products they suggest to maintain the protective style of your choice. After all, you want to get the most bang out of you buck! Happy styling!

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