Coping During the Coronavirus Outbreak | How Children Are Passing the Time at Home

The coronavirus, or COVID-19, is spreading fast across the United States — and parents are worried. But thankfully, the virus poses little threat to children, who are at lower risk than adults, though it’s a good idea that you get their flu shots.

The biggest impact on kids is that schools are closed, meaning the little ones are stuck at home, since playdates and group sports are off limits (children, like adults, should stay at least six feet away from people they don’t live with).

So, how are families with children coping? Here are some ways they are passing the time while in home isolation:


Catching up on movies and TV shows

Playing video and board games

Becoming more active on social media

Doing jigsaw puzzles

Cooking and baking together

Spending family time in backyards and open spaces (avoid public playground equipment)


Check out some ways a few kids in Rochester are filling their days.


Micah is taking coronavirus cleaning seriously.


IMG 5881
Kali is playing in makeup


IMG 5882
Autumn painting with a twist at home


Things to do in these boredom-inducing times are limited only by your imagination. The good thing is, many of us have more time to think about creative ways to stay busy.

Have fun!

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