david and tamela mann

David and Tamela Mann are one of the cutest couples. They work on some of the same shows and movies

“When I found her I found a GOOD THING and now I truly have favor with God,” David wrote on the pair’s joint Instagram account. “Forever with you just doesn’t seem long enough but I promise I’m going to make the best of our time together I Love you Tamela Mann. #mannandwife #mannsworld.”

“We met in high school,” David says. “A friend of mine brought her (Tamela) to the group where myself, Kirk Franklin and Darrell Blair sang. Tamela thought she was bad and she came to the school to teach us how to sing. Long story short, one day I looked into her eyes and she kissed me on my lips. That is the short version of it.

“I wanted to marry someone that enjoyed and did the same things that I’ve done. We’ve built it all together and that’s really been a great blessing for us,” Tamela previously told CP. “I’m still enjoying my life and marriage. And it’s not a put on, we just sit around day-to-day enjoying each other’s company without all the hooplah.”

After nearly 28 years of marriage, the pair finishes each others’ sentences and you can see in interviews they love to laugh and love to make each other laugh as well. While they speak about genuinely enjoying each other’s company on and off of the red carpet, David insists he does not have to work on balancing his family since he makes them a priority.

“In this industry there’s something that we never balance and that’s our marriage and our family. There’s our marriage and family, then the industry,” David revealed to CP. “We never give anything the same weight that we give our marriage and family because any time you balance something, you give it weight to balance it. Our marriage, our family, our relationship far outweighs anything we’ll do in this industry or in this business.”

When asked about how they keep the flame alive after so many years, especially in the entertainment industry Tamela simply says, “I do things to keep him turned on; it is never a dull moment. I try to give him a different lady- I may try to change my hair color or change up something, especially in the bedroom. I try to make sure he is keeping his eye on me.”

“One day we can try to make love,” David adds. “We hanging off the door until we can’t breathe!”

Tamela continues,”We talk about everything. If something happens, we try not to go to bed angry with each other and whatever upsets me, we talk about it. Even if it takes calming down for a few minutes and then going back to it. We don’t let things fester a long time. We keep it all out in the open and we don’t have any agendas. Everything is together- there are no separate accounts. Everything has both of our names on it. This is how we keep everything open in our relationship so we can always put everything on the table.”

Post courtesy of BlackDoctor.org.