Deacon Johnny Hollman Sr. tragically loses his life after an Atlanta police officer deploys a taser on him on August 10.

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I wanted to bring your attention to a thought-provoking song called “Gotcha” that I recently came across. It strikes me as a fitting song to highlight how law enforcement’s actions towards one of the elders in the black community demonstrate a complete disregard for their humanity.

The lyrics of “Gotcha” poignantly illustrate the sense of injustice and mistreatment that prevailed in this particular instance. It sheds light on the attitude of law enforcement, who seemingly believed they could act with impunity and get away with such behavior. The song captures the frustration and disappointment felt by many within the community, who saw these actions as an affront to not only the individual involved but to the black community as a whole.

Through its powerful lyrics and melody, “Gotcha” serves as a reminder of the systemic issues that persist in our society, perpetuating inequality and mistreatment. It urges us to question the motives and actions of those in power and encourages a collective effort to address and rectify these injustices.

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I believe that sharing this song and discussing its message with a wider audience could help raise awareness and foster much-needed dialogue about these important issues. By bringing attention to the experiences of marginalized communities and advocating for change, we can work towards a fairer and more inclusive society.

I encourage you to take a few moments to listen to “Gotcha” and reflect on the implications it carries. It is essential that we use our platforms to amplify the voices of those who have long been silenced and oppressed, and to challenge the unfair treatment that persists in our society.

The recent incident involving a traffic stop that turned deadly and has since garnered significant media attention. The body camera footage of the incident involving Johnny Hollman Sr. has recently been released, shedding light on the potential issues that arise when policing goes wrong, particularly when dealing with the elderly.

It raises important questions about the thin line between good policing and bad, and how quickly a routine traffic stop can escalate into a tragic event. The incident has sparked discussions about the use of excessive force by law enforcement and the buzz words they utilize to justify their aggressive behavior.

One crucial issue that has been highlighted by this incident is the apparent lack of concern, compassion, empathy, and care displayed by the police officers involved. The daughter of Mr. Hollman, Anitra Holman, has expressed her feelings of anger, hurt, and disbelief. She staunchly believes that her father showed respect to the officers, but that respect was not reciprocated. It seems as though they did not value his life, as evidenced by their actions during the stop.

Furthermore, it has come to our attention that Deacon Hollman was tased after he was already cuffed and, distressingly, he was unable to breathe. These revelations only serve to further highlight the gravity of the situation. It is important to note that Mr. Hollman had not done anything wrong, and despite this, the narrative surrounding the incident, as told by law enforcement, has not been altered in any meaningful way.

In light of these troubling events, it is imperative that we scrutinize the actions of law enforcement and ensure that they are held accountable for any abuses of power. Moreover, it is essential that we reevaluate and reinforce proper training and protocols to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

I urge you to consider the implications of this incident and the distress it has caused to the Hollman family and the wider community. We must work together to address these issues and advocate for justice.

 Attorney for the family Mawuli Mel Davis

The community came out this is a peoples victory, because the in Georgia if there’s an open case typically the prosecutors do not release the video, but because the community has been rallying, organizing and marching strong. District Attorney, Fani T. Willis determined that it was in the public interest to release the video and It showed exactly what we were saying and that is, Deacon Hollman said 3 times, stated I will sign the ticket instead this officer received compliance instead of allowing Deacon Hollman to sign the ticket he decided to use unnecessary and excessive force. 

Mayor Andrew Dickerson released a  statement the investigation led to APD revising the standard operating proceedings regarding traffics citations allowing officers to write  refusal to sign on the dotted line rather than making an arrest:

Statement of Mayor Andre Dickens on Release of Body Camera Footage in Johnny Hollman Case | News List | Atlanta, GA

We can engage in a meaningful dialogue about the need for change and accountability within our law enforcement systems.

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