Dealing With The Side Chick Who Won’t Leave Your Man Alone | An Online Class on 2/29



From Eve (Yes, Adam’s partner) to Becky With the Good Hair, we have a long history of pointing fingers.


But in the case of cheating, it’s time to stop blaming “man-stealers” or “home-wreckers.”


Don’t give your man a free pass and let him off the hook. Make him accountable.


Remember that it takes two to tango (maybe he won’t leave her alone). Stop blaming “the Other Woman” and remember that it’s up to your man to end the outside relationship.


In this online class, learn strategy to help you stay in the driver’s seat. I’m going to show you:


• Why what you’re during currently is not working in the relationship and keeping you stuck. Don’t be psychologically hijacked!

• The 3 Levels self-awareness that will strengthen your ability to discern his words from his actions.

• The two must have ingredients for a transformative life experience – holding yourself accountable.

• How to understand your value and add interest.

• Step by Step Strategy on rebuilding your life.


CLASS DATE & TIME:  February 29, 2020 @ 12 Noon


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