Dr. Griffin’s Story

Tunya Griffin is a Biblical Welcome, activist, and unwavering revolutionary. In 2020, All AllAboutTheTea.com conducted an exclusive interview with Dr.Griffin because her story ended up on Real Housewives of Potomac” Season 5 reunion (Monique Samuels). “It was one of themost embarrassing moments of my life. I worked extremely hard to make sure my reputation remained intact. In fact, I waited 10 years from the dates of (1996 – 2005), but in 2006,I decided to take the plunge to enter the dating scene (2006 – 2009). That went left.

In 2008, I learned, my then associate pastor boyfriend of 3yrs, secretly ran off, impregnated his ex, and scurried to the Bellagio to get hitched. (2009 – 2011) I took a break, but in 2011, I took the dating plunge again, only to find my dating life ended up on the afformentioned. My life was torn to pieces, my character was destroyed, employers, churches, friends and clergy leaders distance themselves and my and reputation was in question, publicly on display. I was willing to walk the public shame similarly to the Walk of Atonement in the Games of Thrones: A walk of atonement is a public ritual of punishment and penance in the Faith of the Seven. It demands a confessed sinner to walk a certain distance stripped of all clothing, exposed to the eyes and jeers of the population

What I knew is if i wanted to make it through this moment in my life then it would take bravery to publicly take my walk of atonement. 

Walking my walk of atonement and Speaking Truth to power the blessing and curse

I garnered my strength from the MeTooMovement

The #MeToo movement, which in 2017 launched as a hashtag before morphing into a full-blown revolution, caused the downfall of powerful men stretching from Hollywood and entertainment to politics, the media, sports and beyond. It has empowered women to speak up about inappropriate behavior everywhere from the workplace to the halls of power.

But long before there was #MeToo, there was Anita Hill, the law professor who in 1991 accused her boss, now-Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, of sexual harassment. Although revealing an alleged pattern of sexual misconduct led to a sharp rise in sexual-harassment claims by woman across the country, her brave testimony in the U.S. Senate was met with skepticism by both lawmakers and the American public. She was publicly called someone “with an ax to grind” who was attempting to “bring down” a powerful man. At the time, nearly twice as many Americans said they believed then-nominee Thomas’s account over hers.

But in the wake of #MeToo, women still face an uphill battle when accusing powerful men of wrongdoing. Since then, Dr. Tunya continued to walk side by side with women in the church. And out that face similar issues. After spending time traveling and lecturing, Dr. Griffin has turned her lemons into lemonades. Herr dissertation is published, Overcoming barriers to leadership equality.

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GIRLCHAT LLC., (hashtag #BEBRAVE)Leadership Coaching Services Coaches expand perspective, inspire, and provide challenge and support like no one else. Leadership development coaching can help an individual leader, a team workgroup, or an entire workforce to unlock their full potential.

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We sit at the center of a movement that helps women to live life to the fullest on their own terms. To support women New Leaders (National) to recruit and train principals of color. The grant will develop a one-year pilot program to support Black women in education leadership.

Our Purpose is to build a community where Women strengthen Our Vision is to empower and inspire Black women towards Revolutionary change. Our Journey is to be aware, love ourselves and others and serve God.

We Are Data-Driven

Our data-informed approach includes utilizing research and information from our local community to better understand and identify root causes to challenges. This provides insight into our efforts and informs our decisions on how best to proceed. We engage our partners and community stakeholders to co-develop evidence-based strategies and practices to improve outcomes. We share data, such as test scores and graduation rates with the community to indicate our progress.

Collective Impact

One organization cannot make the necessary changes that are critical to student success. Our partners in local business, government, education, philanthropy, faith-based organizations, and community non-profits, are critical to realizing our goals. Together, our collective impact will create measurable progress and improvement towards four important goals.

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Shaping Future Leadersand Improving Women’s Livesto Help Create a Better World Leadership development and self-empowerment are much more than current trends—they are paradigm shifts. Savvy individuals, companies and organizations understand that building a better future starts now. GirlChat endeavors to prepare thoughtful, mature, service-oriented leaders who will positively transform society with global leadership. Through our activity-focused programs, participants learn tangible leadership skills: the ability to think critically, work collaboratively, influence others, manage conflict and communicate effectively. But we don’t stop there. In this era, negative images of women—fueled by stereotypes and discouraging statistics—are constantly portrayed in the media, shaping mainstream attitudes and actions. The counter this effect, GirlChat arms women with tools to open an empowering dialogue and to take a refreshing look at the 21st Century bonds of sisterhood.
Recognizing their untapped potential, GirlChat is dedicated to supporting, uplifting and encouraging women from all walks of life. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren’s Proclamation
of May 21st as Girl Chat Day We guide women to self-transformation by helping them to redefine themselves and focus on
emotional wellness, intimacy, spirituality, balance and overall well-being—things that are often overlooked in busy, and frequently complicated, lives.
We are committed to:
* Redefining and rebuilding sisterhood relationships
* Advancing educational opportunities for women and girls
* Assisting with leadership development
* Organizing advocacy
* Creating healthy dialogue that will inform, educate and inspire
If you’re seeking to celebrate yourself while reaching for new personal and professional heights,
GirlChat is here to help you on your journey.


Girlchat #BeBrave Mentorship provides a mentorship network for women to foster interdisciplinary, ecumenical connections and leadership development opportunities designed to overcome the challenges of age, race, and gender inequalities.


Girlchat #BeBrave Mentors envisions a vibrant network of women of color in ministry who are committed to mutually advancing the professional and personal effectiveness of participating mentors and mentees so that they may be Renewed, Inspired, Supported, and Empowered.

Our mission is to inspire Black women towards revolutionary change. We are also a full-service, results-driven digital marketing, content and web design agency in Rochester, N.Y., with more than 20 years of experience successfully driving brand awareness, web and retail traffic, online sales and conversions.

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