“Exploring the Presence of Bishop TD Jakes at a Diddy Party: Perspectives on Community-Based Learning and Reconciliation”

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Diddy, and Bishop TDJakes

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In this audio, we will discuss the topic of whether TD Jakes should be at a Diddy party. We will explore the perspectives shared by Dr. Tunya Griffin on community-based learning collaboration and its relevance to this issue. Dr. Griffin believes that it is beneficial for those who are hesitant to lend their voice to the conversation. He also discussed the support for the four synoptic gospels and why he thinks Jesus should not be in certain places.

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Our Commentary:


Dr. Griffin mentioned the concept of “we entertaining” and how some people argue that the wine served at events like these is not fermented, and Jesus is not concerned about it. He explained that Peter, on the other hand, is aware of what is happening in the church and the conflicting opinions on this matter.

The discussion also touched upon the dual practice of the church and Peter’s testimony that he did not know a certain man by name. Dr. Griffin pointed out that assumptions are made that attending a Diddy party is a sinful act, but these assumptions do not align with the belief that Jesus should not be in such spaces.

Dr. Griffin emphasized the need for a reawakening of the script and the door in the church. He expressed his bafflement at the use of scriptures to support personal agendas, as scriptures are often taken out of context for this purpose.

The concept of resurrection was also explored, with Dr. Griffin noting that it can be perplexing for people, leading to various theories and interpretations. He highlighted the difference between using scriptures to push an agenda and outright stating that certain spaces are inappropriate for clergy.


Dr. Griffin discussed reframing the issue of clergy being present in certain spaces, emphasizing that it is different from questioning whether they should be there. He mentioned that it was helpful for those who wanted to publicly criticize and attack clergy members, and that some individuals within the church can become abusive at times.

The article also touched upon the need for transparency regarding the circumstances surrounding Bishop PG, suggesting that the jury needs to know what happened. Dr. Griffin discussed the significance of examining the entirety of TD Jakes’ actions and their impact on individuals.

The duality of practice was further explored, with Dr. Griffin discussing how David’s response can have severe consequences for those who have committed wrongs. He highlighted the importance of a code of conduct and how it can be amended to address specific situations.

Dr. Griffin emphasized the importance of fairness and balanced commentary within the church. He expressed shock at the clergy’s desire to shut down discussions and issues they believe are tainted by the church’s actions.

The article also delved into the scrutiny faced by clergy members and the responses to thought-provoking questions. Dr. Griffin mentioned a photograph allegedly involving Prophet Manassa and Bishop Jake, stating that it does not matter to them as it is unexpected.

Dr. Griffin expressed restlessness regarding these matters, explaining that individuals enter pastoral roles due to their passion for caring for people’s hearts. He stressed the need for the church to protect clergy members from predators and provide evidence when making claims.

The article discussed the importance of protecting spouses and not reducing the issue of grooming to mere gossip. Dr. Griffin encouraged a closer examination of specific information rather than making assumptions about clergy’s presence in certain spaces.

Dr. Griffin highlighted the need to bring these issues to the forefront and emphasized that the church is a place for reconciliation and healing. He expressed a disregard for people’s opinions and a focus on preserving individuals and their families.

The article concluded by discussing the church’s role in offering reconciliation and the significance of falling and having support during difficult times. Dr. Griffin emphasized the importance of restoration and the church’s responsibility to renew individuals and allow them to continue their journey with the church.

In summary, this article explored the topic of whether TD Jakes should be at a Diddy party. It presented the perspectives shared by Dr. Tony Griffin on community-based learning collaboration and its relevance to this issue. Dr. Griffin discussed the support for the four synoptic gospels and the assumptions made about Jesus’ presence in certain spaces. The article also touched upon the need for transparency, the duality of practice, and the importance of fairness and balanced commentary within the church. Dr. Griffin emphasized the church’s role in reconciliation, healing, and restoration.


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