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Our Story

On May 16, 2015 Girlchat was born. That same year, Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren declared May 16th Girlchat Day. It was during that year that I recognized I was witnessing and experiencing the year of the woman. It was a time when the country paid close attention to millions of women marching and high-profile silence breakers gracing the covers of mainstream magazines and the airwaves to tell their #MeToo stories. Women everywhere stepped up, spoke out and took a stand — collectively making waves.

I am proud to say that Girlchat played its part in the change that swept the nation. We connected women to the organization on the ground, helping them fight for justice and equality in their communities. On January 15, 2021, Girlchat #BeBrave online support group was launched. #BeBrave Online Support Group sessions will start on September 5, 2021.

Girlchat #BeBrave Professional and Personal Development

Vision: To inspire women towards revolutionary change

Mission: To provide a safe space for women to question assumptions, think deeply and iterate revolutionary lifestyle change.

About Us

Project Girlchat #BeBrave is a personal and professional development agency program for women. Our aim and intent is to be a champion for women from all walks of life. We are dedicated to help, support, uplift, encourage and empower women to be the best they can be.

At a time when negative stereotypes and discouraging statistics about women are constantly being disseminated in the media, the Girlchat #BeBrave project provides a refreshing look at women, abuse and the Bible.

We are committed to:

• Identifying how Scriptures can be used to hurt or heal
• Provide the necessary tools to challenge churches to honestly address the issues of predatory abuse, emotional cruelty, sexual harassment
• Identifying systems within the church structure that should be dismantled
• Together we will create pathways to healing
• Identify power dynamics
• Redefining and rebuilding sisterhood relationships
• Identifying barriers in the church that limit women vocational mobility
• Identify patterns of predatory male clergy behavior
• Assisting with leadership development
• Organizing advocacy
• Creating healthy dialogue that will educate, inform, and inspire.

#BeBrave’s Key Principles:

• A Space of Care and Safety
• Respect Each Other – Every contribution is worthwhile (Don’t interrupt)
• Confidentiality – Anything that is shared in the group, stays in the group

Let us take this journey of freedom together

Join Dr. Tunya Griffin and several other instructors who will share with you years of research, tools and techniques you will need to fight the effects of men who prey on and abuse women in the Church.

Years of Research and Hands-on Experience
Dr. Tunya Griffin holds a Ph.D. in ministry and specializes in clergy abuse and abuse recovery. She works with women across the country and around the world. In addition to group sessions, Dr. Griffin also provides one-on-one coaching, working with women on an individual bases to help them accelerate their healing journey, answering any specific personal questions and providing personalize guidance to help them navigate obstacles that are holding them back from making real progress toward healing.

Why join us?
The support group and one-on-one sessions are designed to provide ongoing assistance and the necessary tools of overcoming barriers to leadership equality and personal fulfillment in the church. Ultimately, our goal is to help woman to gain the strength, courage and confidence to make lasting changes that will promote the type of life they really want — both inside and outside the church.

Join an intimate Support group #Girlchat #BeBrave Project:
Those who are trying to overcome trauma (narcissistic abuse is traumatic) need community. They need connection with those that are supportive, accepting, and loving.

Join one of our private, controlled, and super-supportive groups. Connect with women who are sisters and friends who totally understand you. Support sessions are lead by a qualified clergy woman professional and survivor of a narcissistic and toxic abusive relationship in the church.

Learn the tools, techniques, and strategies needed to overcome the power dynamics that often happen behind the scenes in the church and to take control of your life and faith, and enjoy a new reality filled with positive, healthy relationships.

Are you ready to clearly identify barriers to your vocational mobility and clergy abuse?

Are you ready to learn how to create strong boundaries and standards of accountability for those who are allowed to get close to you?

Are you ready to learn how to develop the courage you need to stand up to your perpetrator and stay “no” once and for all?

Do you need to know how to break and understand the trauma bond personally with a live support cheerleader who can hold your hand and develop a plan curated specifically for you?

Are you tired of taking your narcissist back over and over again, losing more and more of your self-confidence every time the promises he/she makes never come to fruition?

If so, please join us!

100% Safety Guaranteed
All session will take place at a secret location online.
These meetings will be safe and secure
To ensure the safety of all participants, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the meeting or future meetings at any time.

Topic: The church: Where women pray and men prey

Sundays at 7:00 PM Eastern
Fee: $25

First Session: Sunday, September 5, 2021 @ 7 p.m.

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Our mission is to inspire Black women towards revolutionary change. We are also a full-service, results-driven digital marketing, content and web design agency in Rochester, N.Y., with more than 20 years of experience successfully driving brand awareness, web and retail traffic, online sales and conversions.

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