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The Birth of Project GirlChat Conference
Rochester, NY Premier Conference designed with you in mind!

We Are Data-Driven

Our data-informed approach includes utilizing research and information from our local community to better understand and identify root causes to challenges. This provides insight into our efforts and informs our decisions on how best to proceed. We engage our partners and community stakeholders to co-develop evidence-based strategies and practices to improve our outcomes.

Collective Impact

One organization cannot make the necessary changes that are critical to each attendee success. Our partners in local business, government, education, philanthropy, faith-based organizations, and community non-profits, are critical to realizing our goals. Together, our collective impact will create measurable progress and improvement towards our goals.


After The Conference is over Now What? Contact a member of our team to provide you with a mentor. Mention- I am ready for the BEBRAVE experience.

Our Impact

As Advocates We work to increase women access to key leadership positions, cultivate and nurture authentic sisterhood relationships, and increase partnerships

over 1,400 women supported and served

Our partnerships support community activism, supporting families, SoulCare911 intervention phone service, and supporting young women college pursuits

5 active partnerships

150+ young girls ages (15+ served) Community Engagement (our work Marketview Heights)

Girlchat Empowers Women Personally and Professionally. Successful women understand the importance of having a mentor, both personally and professionally. Mentors can help you define and reach your goals, offer solutions and invaluable insight, inspire you, and cheer you on to the finish line. Our conference is a support and networking event that connects and empowers women from different backgrounds, experiences and ages, helping them to realize their full potential as leaders and change the world for the better.

Through our event, we endeavor to:

  • Redefine and rebuild sisterhood relationships
  • Advance educational opportunities for women and girls
  • Assist with leadership development
  • Organize community advocacy
  • Create healthy dialogue that will educate, inform, and inspire
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Come join us next spring and reach new heights with the help of an accomplished group of women visionaries, creators, innovators and connectors who are charting a new course to address today’s most pressing issues through the lens of opportunity and global leadership.

What People Are Saying

Attending the GirlChat conference was such a fun and inspirational experience for us. It was great seeing all the ladies excited about women leadership & empowerment and
being so supportive of each other. It truly felt like a sisterhood where we were receivedwith open arms. Negativity was allowed in the room, only positive vibes expressed in
joyful finger snapping. Being part of GirlChat was knowing there was a room full of women who want to see their sisters succeed. Silvia Widish, Membership Manager Girl Scouts of Western New York

It is my pleasure to write a thing or two about my GirlGhat experience. I am indeed an advocate for women’s empowerment. What I loved about your GirlChat conference was
that it was professionally packaged and organized, everyone on point and on their assignment. I love your commitment to lead women to a code of conduct towards each other, not just one that shows love and friendship, but respect and honor. The speakers were wonderful women of principle and honor. I think yours is a great organization to keep before the women the duty we owe not just to God and our country and families but to one another. As the old Chinese proverb says, Women are half the sky! Sandee Scruggs Senior Court Reporter, NY State Supreme Court Missions Pastor, Zion Dominion Global Ministries

Our mission is to inspire Black women towards revolutionary change. We are also a full-service, results-driven digital marketing, content and web design agency in Rochester, N.Y., with more than 20 years of experience successfully driving brand awareness, web and retail traffic, online sales and conversions.

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