Join Dr. Tunya Griffin at the Color of Change Black Women’s Brunch

Since 2017, over 30,000 Black women have attended Black Women’s Brunch in more than 25 cities across the nation. Now, we’re welcoming members across the nation to host their very own Black Women’s Brunch, as a celebration of Black women in a space that reflects our brilliance, beauty and value.

Black women are the most educated demographic in the United States, based on the number of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees earned. But because of generational wealth disparities and earnings inequality, we also take on the highest amount of educational debt and take the longest amount of time to repay our student loans.

Black women with undergraduate degrees owe an average of $41,466, while Black women with graduate degrees hold around $75,085 in debt. This is 22% more than white women and 36% more than white men. Higher education should send us on a path towards economic security, not life-long cycles of impossible-to-repay student debt.

Our Black Women’s Brunch isn’t just a fun gathering–it’s a call to action. As our community continues to bear the weight of the global pandemic, we have the opportunity to envision a path forward that is filled with joy and centers our relationships with each other and our community as a source of empowerment. Black Women’s Brunch is an opportunity to get together safely and leverage our bonds to have a conversation about our economic security while centering the structural and systemic inequalities faced by Black women who incur student debt.

Join Dr. Tunya Griffin for a virtual afternoon of fun at the Color of Change Black Women’s Brunch on October 23 from 1-3 p.m.!

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