Black Men’s Voices Life After the Gridiron: Navigating the Future Beyond Football

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For many young athletes, football is not just a game, but a passion that fuels their dreams and aspirations. Football scholarships offer a competitive yet rewarding path to a college education, with full scholarships being more common in football than in any other sport. However, the question remains: what happens after the game on the football field is over?

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Take, for example, the stories of Colin, Ralph Wilson, and my son Franseau Richards, whose experiences shed light on the various paths that life can take after football. Franseau, like his father, received numerous offers from colleges for both football and track and field. His exceptional athletic abilities earned him the nickname “Superman,” making him a highly sought-after recruit.

During the Eddie Meath Superstar game, people were so eager to have Franseau on their team that they even offered to buy a home in a certain area if his family would move him from Rush Henrietta. However, Franseau’s family declined, recognizing that his coach’s genuine care for him extended beyond his athlete status.

Despite being considered an underdog at Section V for the 100m and 200m races, Franseau proved his doubters wrong by winning both races and breaking the Section V record. His success on the field continued as he went on to play college football after graduating high school.

These stories serve as an inspiration for young athletes who may be unsure about their future prospects. They remind us that football can be a stepping stone to greater opportunities and personal growth, even after the final whistle blows. As the mother of Franseau Richards so eloquently put it, “Your future is bright! So go, and shine like the diamond, make yourself proud, and live long and prosper.”

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In conclusion, life after football can take many different paths, but with determination, passion, and a support system that values the individual beyond their athletic prowess, young athletes can pursue their dreams and build a fulfilling future.

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join Franseau and his team for more talks about Sports, Music, Money and More! Black Women’s Voices Is Here For It!

 Life After the Gridiron: Embracing the Pivot

‘For many athletes, football is more than just a game; it’s a way of life. However, when the time comes to hang up the cleats, it can be a challenging transition. The purpose of this article is to explore the various ways football players can successfully pivot and thrive in their post-football live says, Franseau.

**Career Transitions**

Athletes often have a strong work ethic and a competitive spirit, which can be valuable assets in the workplace. Many former football players have found success in various industries, including finance, technology, and broadcasting. Networking and leveraging connections made during their football careers can help open doors to new opportunities.


Pursuing higher education is another popular choice for players after their football careers end. Some athletes choose to return to school to finish their degrees or pursue advanced degrees in fields such as business, law, or medicine. This can provide a sense of purpose and help open up new career paths.


Many former football players have found success as entrepreneurs, using their fame and business acumen to launch their own companies. From restaurants to fitness ventures, athletes have a wide range of passions and interests that they can turn into thriving businesses.

**Giving Back**

Philanthropy is another area where former football players can make a significant impact. Many athletes establish foundations or charities that support causes close to their hearts, such as education, health and wellness, and social justice. This can be a rewarding way to give back and create a lasting legacy.

The end of a football career doesn’t have to be the end of an athlete’s success. By embracing new challenges, pursuing education, exploring entrepreneurship, and giving back, former players can find new purpose and fulfillment after the gridiron. With determination and a willingness to pivot, the possibilities are endless.


” I cherish the strong bond I share with my younger brother. We maintain daily communication, and our relationship is built on mutual respect. Unlike some siblings, there is no power struggle between us. Our love for each other is genuine and profound, fostered by our parents’ emphasis on the importance of respect and support within the family. As Lavonne Richards Jr. put it, “We are brothers, and we honestly love each other.” Our parents instilled in us the values of encouragement and compassion, ensuring that we always want the best for each other. This strong brotherly love has even translated into our roles as dedicated fathers to our daughters. As Lavonne Richards Jr. stated, “We are exceptional girl dads, and that’s a true testament to how we were raised by our parents.” This deep connection and mutual respect between siblings is a beautiful example of the power of family love and support’ says, Lavonne Richards Jr. 

The Richards Brothers Pivot Sharing Their Natural Born Gift of Wisdom With The World. Son, Dad, Son

Rochester native Franseau Richards has upped his game, leaping from the football field to airwaves to host “The Conversationalist,” a radio talk show that puts the interests and experiences of young black people front and center.

Teaming up with his brother and family members. The former collegiate football player has an outspoken style reflected in his new show’s tagline, “The things you hear might offend you.”

Diving into and dissecting topics like hip-hop industry, celebrity gossip, dating, progressive politics and sports, the duo speaks openly and candidly about everything that matters to their listening audience, putting the issues and discussions into a larger context.

Franseau played football at Rush-Henrietta High School, then Camden Military Academy before going on to graduate with a bachelor’s of psychology from Fayetteville State University. 

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