Lipstick, High Heels, Make-up and a Smile



When a woman becomes attractive to a man, one of the first things he notices is her outward appearance and her allure.  He becomes acutely aware of her sense of style, her attractive smile and demeanor, and her beautiful face, typically made up to enhance her natural beauty. Just one look at a beautiful woman can bring a man to his knees if he isn’t careful, and many women know this to be true.

If the man is affluent and truly desires to impress the lady to whom he is attracted to, he will introduce her to a whole new world – if she’s never experienced it before – to woo her and pull her into his lavish lifestyle. Limousine rides to and from the airport, private massages, private resorts at exotic locations are all meant to show her that he is in love with her. Women who draw their self-worth from such flattery will be convinced that the attention they are receiving must mean that he wants her forever and is in love with her.

If he does not genuinely love her, he will use his affluence to impress her, and eventually to control her. If he is just using her as a past-time, he may stop asking her to accompany him on these trips to enjoy what money can buy. By now, though, she is hooked on what he has to offer and may even have a high level of expectations based on her past experiences with him. Things may start to get “stale” between them. Each person may have a decision to make.

He may attempt to replace her with a new woman, since she no longer excites him as she did in the past. Or, he may decide to keep her but without making a permanent commitment to her. He may allow her to bear his children, or may even ask her to marry him with no intention of follow-through. She may be aware that it is just a “situation” to keep her there and she decides that she will stay for as long as she can. It is difficult to walk away from the high-maintenance lifestyle once someone has grown accustomed to it.
She may tell herself, “If I ain’t hot, then I’m not!”
Deep down in her heart she may know that this is no longer something she desires; and neither does he. Now there is a bond, a soul tie, that keeps them connected where there’s no more interest, nor love.

The lights, cameras, action and exotic experiences meant that she was important; at least, that is what she tells herself. Out of all the women he could have chosen, he picked her.  If he told her he no longer needed or wanted her, she would have had no choice but to leave, but her heart would have been shattered. The limelight would disappear, which could leave an empty space inside of her heart. Reverting to the life she once knew would be a difficult adjustment.

When a woman is attractive to a man, especially to a man of influence or stature in society, it is in her best interest to understand as soon as possible what her role in the scenario will be, and then she has to decide if that is how she wants to live. The external experiences cannot give peace of mind. Exotic vacation spots will tantalize the body, but cannot satisfy the soul or ease the mind.

A woman must know her value beyond her lipstick, high heels, makeup and her smile. All of these are superficial; they are only on the surface. Having a heart filled with self-love, and knowing her worth makes all the difference in the world. Wealth has its place, but knowing who she is means that things or experiences cannot buy her.  She is willing to wait for a man who loves her beyond her outward appearance because she knows her looks will fade as she ages. He has to love her deep within for it to be real and for it to last.

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