On International Women’s Day, Black Women Voices (BWV) Celebrates Lyric “Yhung” Chanel

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On this International Women’s Day, not only are we celebrating the lives, experiences and achievements of women and girls around the world — and calling for more progress on gender equality — we would like to honor a special young lady on this occasion.

We join the thousands of people around the globe, including Beyoncé and Trae that Truth, who have paid tribute to Lyric “Yhung” Chanel, the late 13-year-old Instagram superstar who lost her battle with brain cancer and anaplastic ependymoma on March 5.

Let Lyric’s extraordinary strength, bravery, beauty and resilience in the face of terrible suffering serve as an inspiration to us all to aspire to accomplish things we never imagined. If Lyric could do it, even with a challenges of life-threatening diseases and painful treatments, she proved that anything is possible.

Lyric Chanel, take your wings and soar. We will always remember you!

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