Pro basketball player from inner city of Mount Vernon gives back


Chris Lowe launches the ‘C-Lowe 14 Skills and Drills Foundation’

Not many local kids get an opportunity to excel in sports on both the collegiate and professional level.

Mount Vernon’s Chris Lowe has, and now he’s back home giving back to the community.

Most boys growing up in Mount Vernon have aspirations to play professional basketball. The high school has produced numerous NBA players, from Gus Williams to Ben Gordon.

Basketball is more than a sport to Lowe. He calls it his driving engine.

“You use sports as tool to grow. You meet so many people and so many relationships through sports,” Loew said.

Making it professionally was only half of his vision, though.

“It was always a dream of mine coming from the inner city of Mount Vernon to give back,” Lowe explained.

Lowe’s dream is now coming full circle with the C-Lowe 14 Skills and Drills Foundation.

Bob Cimmino, Lowe’s high school coach, said, “It’s a fantastic thing to see someone from Mount Vernon who has used basketball to achieve so close to a height of greatness. It’s special”

Lowe also achieved greatness on the court. The lefty graduated from UMass as the all-time leader in assists. And his talents led him overseas where he just finished playing professionally in Austria.

His non-profit’s first event is a wine tasting on Friday. There, he plans to explain his mission of providing athletic, academic and scholarship opportunities.

“If he works at it one tenth as he did to get his pro career together, it’s going to be something special to see,” Cimmino said.


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