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Join us on this transformative journey to discover how churches can truly help communities flourish. Enroll now and unlock the tools for ethical community engagement!



Hello, and welcome to Fifth Street Block Club Global Solidarity and Local Actions. “We’re glad you’re here. We created this online inquiry and action toolkit, because we – the people of this beautiful, complex, fractured and unequal world often do not understand and embrace our interdependence well enough.”

Course Description:

 In this online course, we will explore the vital role that churches play in fostering community development and creating positive change. We will delve into the principles and practices of ethical community engagement, providing you with a toolbox of strategies and resources to effectively serve and empower your community. Whether you are a church leader, member, or simply interested in making a difference, this course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to create lasting impact.

Community-based global learning is a term developed by academics and researchers who are also practitioners, and therefore is defined by a set of seven practical components: a) community-driven learning and/or service, b) development of cultural humility, c) global citizenship, d) continuous and diverse forms of critically reflective practice, e) ongoing attention to power, privilege, and positionality throughout programming and course work, f) deliberate and demonstrable learning, g) safe, transparent, and well-managed programs (Hartman et al., 2018

Course Outline:

 Module  1: Understanding Community Engagement

 – The importance of community engagement

 – Ethical considerations in community work

 – Identifying community needs and assets

Join us on this transformative journey to discover how churches can truly help communities flourish. Enroll now and unlock the tools for ethical community engagement!

 Note: This course is designed to provide knowledge and guidance on community engagement within a church context. It does not promote any specific religious beliefs or denominations.

Who We Are

As a Block Club Activist, Fifth Street Block Club  has made a significant impact on the Marketview Heights Neighborhood through their various actions and initiatives. Here are some specific ways in which their efforts have improved the community:

1. Enhanced Community Engagement: Fifth Street Block Club has organized regular community meetings and events that bring residents together. By fostering open dialogue and encouraging participation, they have created a platform for neighbors to voice their concerns, share ideas, and work collaboratively towards common goals. 

Buy Land Change Policies

Promoting Resident Ownership of Communities. land-purchase by enacting policies that give homeowners an opportunity to purchase the land on which their home sits. 

2. Improved Safety and Security: Fifth Street Block Club has been instrumental in advocating for improved safety measures in the neighborhood. They have worked with local law enforcement and community organizations to address issues such as increased police presence, better lighting in public spaces, and implementing neighborhood watch programs. These efforts have helped to create a safer environment for residents.

3. Beautification and Cleanliness: Fifth Street Block Club has initiated neighborhood clean-up campaigns, organizing volunteers to pick up litter, maintain public spaces, and beautify the neighborhood. This has not only improved the aesthetic appeal of Marketview Heights but also instilled a sense of pride and ownership among residents.

4. Educational Workshops and Resources: Recognizing the importance of education, Fifth Street Block Club has organized workshops and information sessions on various topics such as financial literacy, home ownership, and job skills training. By providing valuable resources and knowledge, they have empowered residents to make informed decisions and improve their quality of life.

5. Advocacy for Community Resources: Fifth Street Block Club  has actively lobbied for increased access to community resources such as parks, recreational facilities, and social services. Their advocacy efforts have resulted in the allocation of funding and support for these essential resources, benefiting residents of all ages.

6. Collaboration with Local Businesses: Fifth Street Block Club has fostered partnerships with local businesses, encouraging them to invest in the neighborhood and contribute to its growth. Through collaborations and sponsorships, they have helped to establish a thriving local economy, create job opportunities, and enhance the overall vitality of the community.

These are just a few examples of how Fifth Street Block Club actions as a Block Club Activist have improved the Marketview Heights Neighborhood. Their dedication, leadership, and willingness to address community concerns have had a positive and lasting impact on the lives of residents. 

Trainer: Dr. Tunya Griffin is the block club is developed and is one of the captain’s of The Fifth Street Block Club: