Second Annual: FSBC Trunk & Treat in the Peck Street Park

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The Fifth Street Block Club (FSBC) would like to present our Second Annual: Trunk & Treat in Peck Street Park.

We recognize that many children in our community do not have a safe location to go trick or treating in the City of Rochester. Last year, our organization hosted approximately 200 children who came to the park to trick or treat in a safe location and to enjoy the spirit of giving and fun at Halloween. They were able to show off their costumes, get some candy, and be safe with many adults watching over them.

This year we are looking to expand the event with more members of the community to hand out candy at the park. We are hoping to grow this event and to present an atmosphere that is welcoming and embraces all members of the community.

What are we looking for from the community?

  • Volunteers to park their cars in the park and hand out candy.
  • Be able to provide candy to at least 200 children.

We are also looking for assistance with obtaining lighting and potentially tents (in the case of rain) to help us ensure the safety of the children and adults who attend the event.

If you are interested in joining us, handing out candy, assisting with logistics, and having some fun please contact:

Tunya Griffin, FSBC Co-Captain


Colleen Caruana, FSBC Co-Captain


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