The Struggle of Christians: Seeking the Truth Amidst Deception

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In today’s world, the concept of truth has become subjective and easily manipulated. Intelligent individuals can twist the truth to their advantage, using cunning questions and deceptive movements. It is crucial to remember that when faced with a Yes or No question, especially in legal settings or police interrogations, one should never agree to reply straightforwardly.

Lies, on the other hand, stem from evil intentions. The goal of a liar is to protect themselves, even if it means causing pain to others. While liars may make for compelling villains in stories, they are not ideal as romantic partners, relatives, friends, or acquaintances. In reality, good people strive to avoid any connection with them as trust and stability cannot exist in a relationship with a liar.

It is quite foolish for individuals to claim that they are being monitored online, especially considering the prevalence of social media usage. Such statements, akin to clout chasing comments, are ignorant because the majority of us are active on social platforms. Whenever I hear such claims, I can’t help but chuckle and question if they are hiding something, cheating, or telling lies.

While people often come up with various reasons to lie, there are far more compelling reasons to always speak the truth. Lying destroys relationships, while truth builds and strengthens them.

In the age of social media, where we are at risk of constant monitoring and being labeled as clout chasers, many of us believe we are exceptions to the rule. However, the reality is, if you don’t want others to access your online information, the best solution is to disconnect from the online world. Whenever I hear statements expressing privacy concerns, I can’t help but question what they are truly hiding. Removing personal information from the internet is not as easy as people may think, as we are all somehow connected to the web. These statements become even more amusing when they come from self-proclaimed “good Christians.”

It’s ironic how truth tellers and bearers of light struggle to fully embrace truthfulness. We often mask our difficulties in living by using language that conceals information, claiming that certain things cannot be said as they may lead to obstacles or interference. However, we must either believe that what God has in store for us will come to pass despite obstacles, or we don’t. It is the little lies that ultimately bring us down.

We enjoy using phrases and methods to hide information, whether online or offline, under the guise of protecting our privacy. However, the truth is that concealing information is a form of lying and breeds distrust.

As Christians, we must decide who we want to be: truthful individuals living in the light or those who merely exist under a dim glow. The court system understands the importance of truth, evident in their use of the Bible and the oath to tell the truth. We must address our inclination to hide, swap identities, and lie, as it inhibits the potential of the Church and its members.

We involve others in our deceptive behavior, often recruiting a team of individuals to cover for us. For example, a well-trained team will protect the liar and their lies, perpetuating falsehoods and enabling secrecy.

Why do people lie? Some do it habitually to portray themselves in a better light, while others strategically lie for personal gain or to harm their rivals. Some lie to protect others from the pain of the truth, while many find solace in half-truths. However, a half-truth is still a lie, and our society cannot thrive if truth is only spoken half the time. 

Ways people protect lies:,

  1. Swap Cars
  2. Location on phones are turned off
  3. One word responses
  4. The Coverup:,leaving home saying your going one place but you go somewhere else 
  5. Remove name from search engines 
  6. Recruit a team to cultivate and nurture their lies – for ex. A person may leave and return while you’re away so that you’re not able to detect their movement 
  7. Texting while sitting in the same room 
  8. Silence 
  9. Half Truths
  10. False Speech
  11. lies by omission
  12. exaggerations
  13. gray” or subtle lies
  14. complete untruths
  15. Anonymous emails w/different name or VPN/RSS

There’s a line in a song entitled, God did it. I always examine this question by asking, “Did God do it or did you do it? Did God bless you with that or did you get what you have from I’ll gain, lying and deceit? Examine the “how,” will answer the question, “Did God do it?” 


 In conclusion, the struggle for Christians to embrace truth and reject deception is pertinent in our world today. It is crucial that we confront our own tendencies to lie and withhold information, as it inhibits personal growth, damages relationships, and hinders the development of a just society. Only by consistently speaking the truth and living transparently can we overcome this struggle and truly embody the values we claim to hold.

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