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Dr. Tunya, a.k.a. “The Bad and Bougie One” On Poshmark

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Growing up, I always had a keen eye for fashion. My passion for style was unmistakable, but my budget didn’t quite match my taste. Despite this, I managed to rock the latest trends and brands without breaking the bank. My friends noticed and affectionately nicknamed me “The Bad and Bougie One.”

At first, the nickname bothered me—I didn’t want people to think I was materialistic or shallow. But over time, I came to embrace it, because it represented my ability to find incredible fashion pieces while being smart with my money.

Enter Poshmark, the game-changer. Now, I could find gently-used designer pieces at a fraction of the cost. The Bad and Bougie One was in her element, discovering hidden gems and adding them to my ever-growing wardrobe. Poshmark helped me realize that being fashionable doesn’t always mean spending a fortune; it’s about having style and being savvy with your budget.

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