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There was a time when I wouldn’t dare wear a weave, because the word on the curb was if you wore a weave then you must not have any hair on your head. Contrary to popular opinion this could not be further from the truth. In fact, many women have allot of hair underneath their weaves.

“The fact is that most women natural hair didn’t grow 30″ down their backs was a hush, hush, closed door conversation. No longer is that the case. Now, women are walking around with 22″, 30″, and longer down their backs,” explained Tangie Smith.

Today, many women experiment with their hair by adding longer lengths, color, and texture. As a substitute or replacement hair weaves have become a way to introduce variant hairstyles. Plus they’re are many benefits to wearing a weave.

Protecting your natural hair
A sew-in is the perfect hair option when you’re interested in protecting your natural hair. The weave hair can undergo the wear and tear of curling irons, blow dryers, and hot rollers that your natural hair can’t take.

Very Low Maintenance
Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to spend styling your hair and you’re looking for a style that takes less time commitment than your natural hair then the best option is wearing a weave. Wearing a weave will allow you to style your hair and go.

New hair, No Commitment
Weaves are a temporary fix for a new hairdo. You can go from long to short within a few hours. Keep in mind that weaves are not meant be be worn for a long length of time. The longest they should be worn is three months.

Experiment! Experiment! Experiment!
If you want to try highlights like Beyoncé or a side sweep cut like Rihanna then a weave is the perfect way to experiment with various colors without damaging your natural hair.

Unlike a haircut, which you have to wait on to grow out, hair weaves are low commitment options. If you’re not happy about the way the weave look on you then it’s easy to ask your hairdresser to remove it. You’re not stuck with the same hairdo or look, because with a weave you can switch it up, trying out different looks with a weave to see what looks good on you.

No matter how great the benefits are your weave will only look as good as the bundles you purchase so it is important that you invest in quality hair.

Recently, I was approached by Aoki Imports Collections, one of the fastest-growing and most popular brands in the urban and beauty category to rep their brand. I guess you can imagine, I was overjoyed.

Aoki Imports prides itself on not only selling the finest 7A grade virgin human hair, which can be dyed, but also being an empowering lifestyle brand for people all over the globe. Their customer service is exceptional which creates a creates a powerful, irresistible buying experience without the luxurious price tag.

One key to Aoki Imports success is their bundles are on-hand and their commitment in all that they do is geared towards inspiring women to tap into their
inner beauty.

To learn more about Aoki products and discounts, go to www.AOKIImports.com or call 585-230-6000/585-733-5610.

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