Work-From-Home Opportunities for Unemployed Women and Stay-Home Moms


Recessions usually impact women more than men, but the coronavirus recession has been especially devastating for women. If you’re out of work or a stay-at-home mom who needs to earn money on the side, consider working online to bring in a steady income. Or, if working online isn’t appealing, turn to jobs such as pet sitting or tutoring to help make ends meet. Black Women’s Voices offers the following guide to help you navigate these difficult times.

Shifting Gears

As CNN explains, the major reason that the pandemic recession has been so much harder on women is because women make up the majority of employees in the hospitality and leisure sectors, both of which were halved when the country went into lockdown last year. With these sectors still operating under heavy restrictions, many women have been forced to look elsewhere for work.

If you’re a mom and you’re looking for support as you job search and navigate the recession, consider joining groups like Fairygodboss or Power to Fly. Connecting with others who share both your passions and burdens can provide you with opportunities for growth, both personally and professionally.

The World Wide Web

With businesses everywhere working at limited capacity, working from home is the new normal. Companies everywhere have been adapting to remote work for months now, which presents a wide range of opportunities for women who want to work from home.

If you excel in communications, working as a writer or editor online is a great option. You can offer article writing services through editing content or writing blog posts and build your portfolio and credentials from there. Whether editing or writing, both offer flexibility in hours and rates. On the other hand, if you enjoy shaping young lives you should consider online tutoring. You can teach subjects that interest you and help others at the same time.

In-Person Opportunities

Of course, hours at a screen all day, every day isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. If working on a computer isn’t for you, consider some off-line jobs such as babysitting, pet sitting, or becoming a seamstress.

Babysitting or pet sitting can be a great option for stay-home moms, especially if you can simultaneously arrange to watch your own children. If you choose to also be a dog walker, you’ll have the added bonus of getting exercise while you work. For women who are handy with sewing machines, working as a seamstress can be flexible and profitable. suggests advertising your services on local Facebook groups and by distributing flyers in public places to find clients and get started.

Working for Yourself

If you don’t feel motivated to look for a new job, consider becoming your own boss and starting your own company. It can be very empowering to start your own company, and if it’s in a field that inspires you, you’ll be even more motivated to work each day.

Starting a successful business relies heavily on marketing. Small business marketing can be a complex science, but there are some basic rules and guidelines you can follow to get started. Knowing your audience is key, and will help you formulate content that will attract clients or customers. Determine what value you add to the market, and highlight those values to help customers single you out for their needs. Be sure to set up a slick website to help people connect and access information, and use social media to get your initial marketing underway.

You might lack the skills or knowledge needed to launch the business of your dreams. If that is the case, now might be the time to go back to school and earn the degree you need. There are inexpensive programs online that can flex to your schedule, so you could glean the information you need to be confident and successful.

If you’ve lost your job due to the recession, don’t despair; there are plenty of jobs out there if you know where to look. Think through your situation and preferences, and the right solution will come to you.

Sarah Bull runs the blog Economy Mom, which helps women to start their own businesses. She writes frequently about a wide range of topics on entrepreneurship and small business. This is her first contribution to Black Women’s Voices.

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